Main Man Monday

Jesus Provides Courage 

The Bite

Matthew 14:22-33


The Digest

Jesus has sent his disciples ahead of him in the boat. The boat is in the middle of the water. Jesus is spending time in prayer, alone. Later in the evening, Jesus comes walking on the water.  The disciples think Jesus is a ghost. They were terrified and cried in fear.

How did His disciples not recognize Jesus after being with Him? Why were they so terrified?

I think they, like so many of us, fail to realize that we have Jesus available with us at all times. There is no need to be fearful.

  • Jesus tells them “It is I, take courage. Don’t be afraid”.

What situation in your life do you need to take courage?

  • Jesus instructs for Peter to come to Him.

Peter started out walking on the water and gets scared. He cries out” Lord, save me?”

  • Immediately, Jesus reaches out.

Sister,  He will save us immediately if we just come.  Are you willing to come?

He will also question if we have any doubt. Do you have any doubt in Jesus?

The others in the boat finally saw and got it. They were with the son of God.

Sister,  Are you waiting for some miracle to happen in your life for you to finally believe?

The Chew

Don’t wait. Take Courage. He is saying “Come.”

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