Wisdom Wednesday

Sweeten Up Your Words to Your Sweetie

The Bite

Proverbs 21: 9, 19

V.9     It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.
V.19 It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.

This verse also mentioned in Proverbs 24:25


The Digest

So I wonder how many our men feel like all they have left to do is hide (shut down), because of our complaining and argumentative behaviors. Has your man resorted to the quiet desolated place because of your own mouth?

We are either building up our man and our home or tearing it down with our own hands. It is often said, the women set the tone of the home. What tone are you setting in your home?

This verse simply shows us it is better for our man to live open to the elements outside than to dealing with the nagging.

I am still a work in progress. 🙂 but at the beginning of my marriage,  I’m sure my husband would have rather went out in the cooling rain, and warmth of sun outside,  inside of dealing with storm Alnesha.

So, ladies, Are you a complaining wife? Are you jumping down his throat for any and everything he does or doesn’t do?

So challenge for us, this week: Try to not complain. When you get ready to, turn it into thanksgiving instead. For example “I hate it when you leave those wet towels on the floor”. Instead “I love how you work so hard for our family, babe”.

Proverbs 16:24
Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

The Chew

Sweeten up words to your Sweetie

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