Watch Your Company


The Bite

1 Corinthians 15:33-34 (NLT)

Don’t be fooled by those who say such things, for “bad company corrupts good character.”  Think carefully about what is right, and stop sinning. For to your shame I say that some of you don’t know God at all.


Who do you spend most of your time with?


In the verses before our bite, Paul is talking about living hour to hour or those who live like there is no resurrection.  But the resurrection is the only reason we have a tomorrow.

In this generation, we see people turning up and partying like it’s no tomorrow. The reality is: What if today was your last day, where will your tomorrow be spent? Which destination of eternity will you wake up to? Heaven or Hell?

The Digest

Sister, Our bite states a couple of things: Don’t be fooled. Watch the company you keep. Thinking carefully and stop sinning.  

    • Who is your life is fooling you or what are they fooling you to do?
    • Who are you hanging with the most? Are you a crowd follower or Christ follower?
    • What kind of company you keep?


  • Who or what do I need to remove from my life on my growth path to eternity?

If you chose to live it up now, where will you spend your eternal life? So watch who you hang around. They may laugh at you when you choose Jesus. When they see you changing into a better person, they just might want to chill with Jesus too.

The Chew

Watch your company

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