Wisdom Wednesday

Wise Women: Abigail

The Bite

Wise Women in the Bible: Abigail 1 Samuel 25


  • She was married to Nabal, a mean drunk. Abigail took her vows seriously. She didn’t leave her husband. (verse 3)
  • She was sensible and beautiful. (verse 3) 

Nabal had made trouble with David because he didn’t want to share. (verse 10/11) He was selfish. His selfishness angered David. Therefore, David wanted to kill Nabal and his people.

  • She was punctual– she wasted no time. (verse 18)
  • She was prepared– she packed food and took it to David herself, pleading for her crazy man’s life.
  • She humbles herself and accepted the blame.
  • She saved David from killing people and he was grateful to her because he didn’t take matters in his own hands. Also, saved Nabal’s life. 
  • She was rewarded – After she did all this, she returns home to a drunk husband. She didn’t tell him what she had done for him until he was sober. (verse 37) He has a stroke after he hears what happen and the Lord struck him dead 10 days later. I believe the Lord rewarded her for her loyalty and removed Nabal from the picture.

The Digest

Abigail looked beyond her situation. She looked at God. Look at God in your situation. Ask Him how can I serve you right where I am?

Sister, Let’s be like Abigail: Be a sensible woman. Committed to your husbands no matter the circumstance. Take your vows seriously. Humble yourself before God. Be prepared at all times to fight the enemy for your family. Pray and plead for your man to be who God calls him to be.

The Chew

The Lord will reward your obedience and loyalty to Him, no matter what your situation you are in.

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