Taste and See Challenge Day 26 Romans 12:1-21

Romans 12:-1-21


Your Body is a Living Sacrifice


  • Because of God’s mercy. We are urged to present our bodies as a living sacrifice 

  • Holy, pleasing to the Lord (life that is holy according to the Word 

  • This true worship

  • Do not be conformed to this age 

  • Transformed by renewing our minds 

  • To have discernment of God’s will


Offering your whole self to christ daily 


 Sacrifice is a choice 

We can do a lot of work for God and never give Him our body 

They had to bring a living animal sacrifice so for paul to say bring yourself as a living sacrifice 

The opposite of transform is to be conformed.

He talking about renewing your mind. Because that where the battle is 

We allow the Holy spirit to renew,, reeducate and redirect us daily through the Word 


Everyone in the Body has a Gift, Use it Well
  • Don’t think more highly of yourself than you should 

  • Think Sensibly 

  • Each person has been distributed a measure of faith 

  • Everybody does not have the same function 

  • We are one body in Christ and individual still should be unified on the WORD 

  • Our gifts have been given to us by grace.

  • The gifts 

Prophecy -use it according to the proportion of one’s faith Those with the gift of prophecy should speak only when they are confident that the Holy Spirit is truly revealing something to them.

Service-use it in service 


Exhorting-in exhortation

Giving-in generosity 

Leading-with diligence 

Mercy-showing mercy with cheerfulness


  • Love without hypocrisy (no mask no feeling, actions 

  • Detest evil (all ungodliness and wickedness 

  • Cling to what is good

  • Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters

  • Outdo one another in showing hone 

  • Do not lack diligence in zeal 

  • Be fervent in the Spirit (boiling)/

  • Serve the Lord 

  • Rejoice in hope

  • Patient in affliction 

  • Be persistent in prayer 

  • Share with the saints in need 

  • Pursue hospitality 

  • Bless those who persecute you. Bless not curse

  • Rejoice with those who rejoice 

  • Weep with those who weep

  • Live in harmony with one another 

  • Don’t be proud. Associate with the humble 

  • Don’t be wise in your own estimation 

  • Don’t repay evil for evil 

  • Give careful thought to doing what is honorable in everyone’s eyes

  • IF possible far as it depends on you. Live in peace with everyone 

  • Don’t avenge for yourself 

  • Leave room for God’s wrath because vengeance belongs to Him. He will pay 

  • Feed your enemy to heap fiery coal on his head 

  • Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good 

When we submit to God and our lives are living sacrifices we can be used by HIm


Have you presented your body as a living sacrifice? 

Where are you using your spiritual gifts? 


The Chew 

To be renewed in the mind. 

Watch what goes into the body and feed the mind with the Word